7 Ways to Live Life More Abundantly

7 Ways to Live Life More Abundantly


1.  The ENERGY you bring into an environment matters most.  Bringing slothful

energy can cause people to not take you serious. Bring on the zeal, bring on the smiles and

watch how life changes!


2.  Put that EGO aside, and BE YOU! Robert Holden is one of my favorite Authors who

profoundly wrote about the plight of the ego by defining its meaning of one believing

that Everything Good is Outside. If you live your life focusing only on what you want

people to see on the outside of you, you will totally miss out on the GOOD that God

placed inside of you! And, guess what? Everyone will miss the great person that

God created you to be too! Protect your purpose, BE YOU, and grow in your uniqueness.


3.  Keep HOPE alive and believe in yourself! Many people loose hope way too fast these

days. If your plan didn’t work the first time, that does not mean that you should not try

again, and again, and again. Norman Larsen founded the W-D 40 product in 1953, that

many still use today. Mr. Larsen named his product W-D 40 because the formula finally

worked after the 39 th try! Keep hope alive and try without ceasing!


4. ACCEPT your imperfections and seek ways to become better. If you continue to sweep

growth opportunities under the rug, you will never tap into your full potential, and you

find yourself living life inside a narrow tunnel where its light gets dimmer and dimmer

with ever swipe. If you really want to see change in your life, accept your weaknesses

and get stronger, so that you can use your strength to help someone else.


5. Don’t allow NEGATIVE or DRAMA filled people to take a seat at your table of LIFE,

because if you do, everything that is brought to the table will become tainted and

ruined! Negative people are polluters that inject their venomous character into your life,

and can cause damage to your energy, hopes and dreams. If someone new or old

doesn’t feel right or fit right into your life; don’t force the issue by playing “the nice

person” and making them comfortable. Eradicate the toxic energy, and keep your


6. PRAY and BELIEVE. If you truly believe that God can hear you when you pray, and that

God will give unto you what you ask or need, then fear will not cause you to become

stagnated. Fear WILL exist, but, don’t allow it to keep you from moving. Prove to God

with your actions that you believe in what you’ve prayed for, and you believe that God

is capable of helping you. Be patient enough to wait on God in the process. Be mature

enough to seek God when your desires don’t match His purpose for your life.


7. Make TIME to do things for YOU. Your self care is important. Give yourself permission

to do things that will bring happiness, peace and wellness in your life. Your life is full of

purpose that is designed to benefit others, but, that does not mean that you should

exclude the joy of life in the process. LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!

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