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             After School Mentorship Programs

Gathering Outreach Community Center offers a variety of after-school mentorship community programs through Gathering Kids(™). Our programs are fee-based; however, we do offer scholarships and a sliding fee schedule for low-income families. Named BEST After School Mentorship Program of Pearland for two consecutive years, recognized by Alvin ISD as a Business Community Partner and a 5-star rating with parent testimonies; we know the program is making a difference, one child at a time and one home at a time. Gathering Kids is located at Glenn York Elementary and Wilder Elementary. Transportation is available for students who do not attend York or Wilder. 

Our GK programs are designed to enhance social skills that foster teamwork, increase confidence and self-esteem in children. Students enrolled in a Gathering Kids program will have the support of a dedicated and loving team of professionals that will ensure students are learning, creating and being productive within our goal-driven environment in all GK programs, after school. More importantly, students will have space and platform to feel comfortable and free to share their feelings, dreams, and fears with a GK mentor. Our GK Team of professionals understand their role as a child mentor and are equipped to listen and support every child, every day, after school. We believe that every child deserves to have outlets that offer ways to express energy, talent, and creativity while being motivated to live with hope and wholeness.

After School Program Fee and Hours of Operation: All after-school programs are Monday-Friday, from 3:00p-6:30p. $75 per week or $98 per week if transportation is needed. Sibling discounts of $5 per week will apply automatically.

Summer Camp Program Fee and Hours of Operation: Day Camp $125 (M-F, 8:00a-3:00p) Extended Day Camp $155 (M-F, 8:00a-6:00p) Camp is hosted at Nolan Ryan Middle School for 7 weeks starting 6/10/19 to 7/26/19.

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Visual Performing Arts (VPA): 

Our Visual Performing arts program is now curriculum based using the National Core Arts Standards to ensure that students enrolled in this program are gaining necessary tools to further their passion for performing arts. Instructors are dedicated and trained in discovering and unleashing raw talent and eliminating fear within students who may experience anxiety to perform for an audience. Students will be mentored to shine on and off stage. This program features three categories: DRAMA | DANCE| VOICE.  This program serves 2nd-5th-grade students (35 student max). Students perform in a stage play and at the GK RED CARPET GRAMMY AWARDS! This program follows a practice schedule (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4:30p-5: 30 pm)

Sports and Fitness (SF): 

Our SF program is designed to promote, educate and create a sense of awareness of the importance of being physically fit. An active lifestyle has tons of benefits physically and psychologically. Being involved in sports/fitness during the early childhood phase plays a vital role in building a solid foundation of confidence, motivation, determination, perseverance and fearlessness that would be carried on into adulthood. This program features four categories: Flag Football | Basketball| Soccer| Fitness. This program serves 2nd-5th-grade students (20 student max). Sports and Fitness students will be awarded at the GK RED CARPET GRAMMY AWARDS!


Broadcast Journalism (BJ): (Wilder location Only)

Our BJ program will enhance your students’ confidence in writing, reporting, critical thinking/ analysis skills, and prepare your student to make informed decisions in their personal and academic life. Students will work directly with a qualified journalist and will have opportunities to visit with career professionals from ABC 13 and other professionals within this arena. Students will publish and cover some hot topics related to Alvin ISD, GK, GOCC and community events! This program features three categories: Reporting| Researching| Writing. This program serves 4th-5th-grade students (5 student max). BJ students will be awarded at the GK RED CARPET GRAMMY AWARDS!


Our cheer program will enhance your students’ confidence, trust and will promote a contagious “can-do” mindset. Students’ who are a part of the GK Cheer Squad will understand the importance of good health and a  positive attitude. Students will also learn how to exercise their abilities in aerobic activities that are good for the heart, bones, and muscles, while they influence others to be cheerful during game day for the GK Sports and Fitness students and other community events! This program features two categories: CHEER | DANCE. This program serves 2nd-5th-grade students (10 student max).  Cheer students will perform and be awarded at the GK RED CARPET GRAMMY AWARDS! This program follows a practice schedule (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4:30p-5: 30 pm)


Our Dance program is team-driven and highly energetic, which is the perfect platform to build character, confidence, and courageousness!  Students enrolled in this program will gain a better sense of their body which is necessary for students learning at an early age how to love themselves. Students will be taught dance techniques and exposed to a variety of dance genres to encourage culture and creativity. This program features one category: DANCE. This program serves 2nd-5th-grade students  (10 student max).  Dance students will perform and be awarded at the GK RED CARPET GRAMMY AWARDS! This program follows a practice schedule (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4:30p-5: 30 pm)

Arts and Craft:

Our Arts and Craft Program is the perfect introductory GK platform for kinder and first-grade students to express themselves through our weekly arts and craft lesson plans infused with benefits that help to enhance confidence and coordination through experimentation. Moreover, students learn and experience the feeling of being rewarded and celebrated for their initiatives and creativity! Students enrolled in this program will be instructed to create and produce original artwork to be displayed during their annual GK Art Show where family and friends come togethering to see just how brilliant their student is! This program features two categories: Arts | Crafts. This program serves Kinders and First-grade students  (10 student max) Arts, and Craft Students will be awarded at the GK RED CARPET GRAMMY AWARDS!

Summer Camp:

Every summer is different and unique. We serve 50 campers per week, divided into groups, according to their age. Our Summer Camps provide the right instruction, equipment and facilities for kids to enhance their sports abilities, their artistic talents, and their adventure skills. The sheer variety of activities offered to make it easy for kids to discover and develop what they like to do and most of all, who they are becoming. Our camp provides the best opportunities for children to be happy and fruitful. At camp, our GK Camp Coaches make it their goal to keep campers safe and happy. View our facebook page to see prior pictures and videos of our amazing camper in action! This program features multiple categories: Arts| Crafts| Science| Math| Reading| Writing| Physical Activities| Dance| Singing| and more! Click the green registration button above to get your camper registered. Summer Camp serves 1st-8th-grade students  (50 camper max)


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