Stay Whole when Emotions Eclipse Your Day

   When you are serious about your wholeness, you are filled with love, peace and happiness, and no matter what happens in life, you will regain your zeal to continue living in wholeness. You are whole because you love yourself; and because you love yourself, others find it easy to love you too! If others […]

What is this Feeling I Feel?

Have you ever had a feeling that there’s something more that you should be doing with your life, but you just don’t know what it is? You are involved in your church and you even volunteer within the community, but, you still feel there’s something more. What is that nagging feeling that you feel? You […]

7 Ways to Live Life More Abundantly

7 Ways to Live Life More Abundantly 1.  The ENERGY you bring into an environment matters most.  Bringing slothful energy can cause people to not take you serious. Bring on the zeal, bring on the smiles and watch how life changes!   2.  Put that EGO aside, and BE YOU! Robert Holden is one of my […]

Depression in Children

Depression in children is often overlooked. While it is difficult to pinpoint the signs and symptoms of depression in children, often times, children will give clear indications that something is not normal for them. Pay attention to those moments of isolation, frustrations, crying spells and temper tantrums. These consistent types of behaviors can stem from […]


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