Sponsorship Opportunities

The Gathering Outreach Community Center (GOCC) is a non-profit 501c3 organization, as of 2012. GOCC proudly serves Alvin ISD students and the community of Pearland.  GOCC is dedicated and committed to fostering wellness, health, fitness, education and community togetherness in Pearland, TX through our community programs, events and FREE workshops.

We are partners with parents and school staff who all feel the need to promote platforms that will teach lifelong lessons of growing children. To that end, our team is constantly putting together community projects that benefit Alvin ISD students through our Gathering Kids (GK™) Pearland community programs and other events for the Pearland community.

As a sponsor and local business owner, letting the community know that you understand the importance of community support makes you the ideal partner for us. If you are interested in becoming a GOCC sponsor,  please email our team at connect@goccteam.org of your interest, and we will send you our sponsorship option to connect you closer to the community of Pearland. We are always happy to discuss this opportunity in person as well. Feel free to call us directly.


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