You’ve Overcome Procrastination…How Do You Stay Focused?

Congratulations on overcoming the POWER of procrastination! Yes, there is POWER in procrastination. Anything that can influence you to do, or not to do something in a particular way, has POWER! So again, kudos on the accomplishment! Now that YOU have POWER over procrastination, you are one step closer to getting things done, but, do you still find yourself with unfinished business? What is blocking you from completing tasks? Could it be the frame of your focus that becomes dull from mental overload?

When you purchase a new pair of glasses, the lens and frame must match, as they both come in many different shapes and sizes. Your focus works much like a pair of glasses. When you set out to accomplish a task in mind, it is framed and confined by the shape and size of your ability to stay mentally focused. If your focus is on point, you will be able to see your dream unfold through each completed task, and your mission will maintain its progression.  If the frame of your focus is too wide, it allows more space for you to see and think on things that may not need your attention at that time. Are you an agent of your own stress due to unfinished tasks? You can make a difference in your life. Narrow your focus to fit exactly what needs your attention at that moment, so that you can think and stay actively connected to getting the task complete.


1) The center of interest or activity

2) The state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition

If your focus is off while trying to complete a task, it is like trying to insert a pair of lens into a frame that doesn’t match- it won’t work. If you are mentally corroded with sluggishness, negativity, doubt and lack of confidence, your focus will be infected in the same way, and you won’t be able to see past the popups that appear to steal, kill and destroy your idea or productivity! You can have razor sharp, tunnel-like focus, and then all of a sudden your focus turns dull and pointless, because of a mental pop-up that keeps multiplying with more popups. Before you know it, you are having a mental popup party right in the middle of a task, that if completed successfully, could dramatically change your life in the best way!  How do you feel when you are not focused? Do you feel like a stray ship that has sailed away without a captain? If so, it is time to try on some new frames, so that your focus can change your LIFE, one task at a time.

Attending a GOCC community workshop will help you discover habits that hinder your focus, design a personal action plan to overcome these setbacks, and develop strategies to get you focused-driven. Keeping your focus clean and clear is not a “Hocus Pocus” trick, It takes ongoing work and determination to accept the daily challenge! Focus promotes certainty, confidence and a peculiar force to be reckoned with! Without clean focus, you risk losing that one idea or not completing that one task that could change your life forever. Live your life with strong fierce focus. Gain tips that you can use everyday. Stay connected with GOCC to find out more about our FREE Step Up (™) workshops and seminars! Sometimes you have to refocus on your focus, so that your dream doesn’t become blurry. We can train our focus together, step by step and task by task!


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